I was feelin my natural hair and subtle makeup this morning 💁 #me #selfie ✨
In the Next 5 Years


God, five years is not a long period of time. I guess it depends on the circumstances. Is the love of your life leaving for five years? Will you be released from prison in the next five years after already serving five years? But in the context of life, five years is nothing. Funny, that all things come to an end but time is never ending. Time stops for no one, as much as I wish it did. In five years, I hope that I am a much happier person. I hope that I become someone that I myself am happy with. I hope that the fear of rejection and betrayal that has burdened my relationships, diminishes. In five years I hope that, I’m somewhere in New York City doing what I love. I hope that everyone has come to accept me for the person I truly am, but more importantly I hope I come to terms with my inner demons and accept who I am. Life is a journey of self discovery. Every moment, every event, every circumstance, shapes you to be who you are. Unfortunately my current situation has made me feel helpless, unwanted, and forgotten. In time, those feelings may subside or intensify, but I will never let them permanently define me. In five years I hope to find an independent happiness. A happiness that is not met through relationships or materialistic objects. A happiness that is sparked through loving your own self and loving the life you live, regardless of your circumstances. In five years, I hope to be unstoppable.

just bought these shoes last week LOL




listening to music while high as shit

Uhm accurate


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